Dark Sky Island

I just rediscovered the artist Enya.

She’s back with a new album in 2015 entitled Dark Sky Island.

Admittedly her music is not to everyone’s taste but on first listen if you enjoyed her 1990’s album Watermark you are going to enjoy this one. I did.

Bowie is back but what about Major Tom?

Tonight I found myself discovering David Bowie is back again in 2015 with a new album called BlackStar due out in early 2016. I like Bowie, he’s creative and bring some serious longevity and gravitas to the 2015 music scene.

I’m not fussed on his first single which is entitled the same as the album. To be fair I have only listened to it once in it’s ten minute entirety but it’s not the pop infused Major Tom of old that I enjoyed as a younger bloke.

Still he’s got a way with popular culture that will no doubt appeal to a legion of fans old and new once the album comes out in the next 6-8 weeks.

What the whole exercise did get me thinking about was Peter Schilling’s neat eighties track Major Tom. I hadn’t realised you could hear this pop hit in German as well as in English. The latter version is more my cup of tea.

I wonder if David Bowie will weave another reference of Major Tom in to his latest music work?

Star Trek is heading back to our screens in 2017

star-trek-online-logoOK so I like Trek. I’m not the only one who enjoys the franchise, and it’s been an up and down ride for it over the last few years. Recall the slow death of the last TV series Enterprise and then the JJ Abrams reboot with the two films?

Now CBS are saying there’s new Trek on the 2017 horizon – but there’s a few gotchas in the announcement. Namely you can only get it on their propriety streaming service and the show will be under the helm of those that penned the alternative universe we saw in the rebooted films.

Kris Naudus writes a good article covering these issues and others over on Engadget – it’s worth a read.