It's OK to Blog

Where did that weekend go?

I reckon we all feel that way late on a Sunday evening.

It can either be with a sense of accomplishment after a full weekend knocking off a number of items on that “to do” or with a feeling of disbelief after the hours and days were seemingly frittered away.

Yes I know that’s a rather “extreme ends of the spectrum” view to take but with less than 45 mins of the weekend to go (as I bash out my #blogjune post for the day) I’m leaning towards the latter and it’s all rather feeling like an eek! end to me right now.

I did manage to shift piles of stuff neatly stacked from one pile to another today, that was productive.

I tell myself that’s tidying up but the truth is it’s really just shifting piles of papers about :-)

Ever noticed how you can feel more on top of paperwork just by stacking it up neatly?

The latter part of the evening has been spent solving a Midsomer murder and then further CSS and other layout tweaks to this website.

A new week beckons, as does a new month – #blogjune is almost done but are my blogging efforts? I suspect not..



Confirmation tonight that I have passed my Internet Marketing paper this semester with an overall final mark of A- after all the internal assessment and exam results were combined.

The result is provisional subject to confirmation by the examinations committee at the university but I’m confident now I will be graduating with my DipGrad (marketing management) in a couple of months time.

It’s not until the marks are in that you know you have really crossed the finish line.

I averaged an overall A grade across the seven papers I undertook, completing three with A+ grades, two with A grades and a further two with A- grades.

To put some context around these grades students need to achieve a final mark for any given paper they undertake in the range of 80-84 to score an A-, a final mark of 85-89 to score an A, and a final mark between 90-100 to score an A+

The DipGrad is a seven paper qualification that equates to a full year of study but I undertook it whilst working full time, completing one paper per semester.

So at a rate of two papers per year it’s taken me 3.5 years to get to this point after starting in 2008 – persistence and stickability eh 😉

The course of study allowed me to focus solely on marketing papers offered by the University of Otago Marketing Department.

Subjects I’ve studied have included integrated marketing communications, product and brand management, pricing and distribution, strategic marketing management, marketing research methods, food marketing and Internet marketing.

Not too bad (if I may say so) for a bloke who last studied full time for his B.A from 1986-89

What to do now?

The Earth

In this changing world in which we live…

Last night sitting at the dinner table my eight year old daughter asked how my day had been and what I had done during it.

Nothing too unusual there except I found myself talking about loading content onto the website I manage, planning for tomorrow when I expect to create some YouTube videos etc.

It occurred to me just how different the nature of work is (for me) and how the role and type of work that I do would not have existed a few short years ago.

I like my job. It’s a role that you can earn a living with but also have fun and learn while doing it.

I have always believed you should have fun and enjoy what you do during your working days and weeks – it is an activity after all that you commit a significant amount of time to every year.

Some years ago I used to daily commute to a desk in Auckland and work 7am-4pm having driven up from Hamilton leaving at 5am in the morning to arrive at work on time.

I mention this not because of the crazy hours associated with that role but because I can clearly remember a sign posted on the wall where I worked near the communal photocopier / coffee machine for all to see.

It read ‘smarter not harder’ and the take away concept here was using your head not your brawn to get things done and doing them in a fashion that efficiently maximised the energy you committed to any line of endeavour.

I have always liked that addage. It’s along the same lines as ‘knowledge is power’ and fundementally inferrs the same message to me – use your head and you can go places.

In my current role I get to use my head daily in a digital world that’s borderless.

As I age I expect my ability to swing an axe (not that I do that much!) will continue to diminish but my ability to contribute to the digital world (and earn a living at the same time) will endure for many decades to come.

Bring it on!