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Blogging when you want

Is a lot nicer than blogging because you feel you need to.

Thats the lesson I’ve learnt so far while taking part in the #blogjune efforts on Twitter.

I’ve been silent for a few days but life is busy and to be honest there are other things more important things (like time with family) that usurp trying to come up with a daily theme / thought to blog about.

For those who can generate posts daily and who have the time to do so I say well done.

As for me, i’m tapping this one out on the iphone before zzz times comes a calling while waiting for a bathroom vacancy to open up :-)

As we head into the final week or so I’ll try to post a bit more but if unable to do so I’m not going to loose sleep over it.

Attempting to blog each day should be fun and have attached to it a thought you wish to share with your readers.

When I have something I’ll be sure to let you know.

The great thing about taking part in an event such as #blogjune is that you learn by doing – and the last few weeks have certainly been that!

A few hundred meters

My car was due for a warrant of fitness.

I have a mechanic that I’ve used for the last six years but he’s only just recently moved no more than a few hundred meters around the corner to new premises.

When I say ‘new’ I mean new building with a bakery attached alongside – nice.

He told me, compared to where he was (and it was an old, cold, soul destroying kind of a building) life was good!

I noted a new employee – work had picked up that much.

My car had passed it’s WOF (phew, no extra bills on this day) but I left pondering how much of an impact a simple shift of a few hundred meters had made to the life of my mechanic.

He told me if he had not shifted he would have closed down this September as the last work environment he was in was so unpleasant to work in.

Isn’t it amazing how a small shift down the road to new digs and the perceptions that come with that (both internally and externally) can alter a life so drastically? – and in this case for the better.

Makes you wonder what would happen to you if you shifted a few hundred meters down the road?

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Theo Jansen’s Strandbeests

It’s Sunday so something a little different with thanks to family ties that alerted me to this rather neat clip from BBC1

Meet Theo Jansen who is the process of creating ‘animals’ that will live long after he has departed this world – or at least that is his hope!

Theo’s work reminds me of Len Lye and many visits to the Govett Brewster Art Gallery in New Plymouth during my youth.