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Boats, Trailers and Bikes

Spent the weekend helping eldest son shift across town, youngest son take on a learn to sail course and youngest daughter take to the road and ride her push-bike.

Ran a club net on zl4aa tonight and have also begun to update this website which has for a long time languished at the expense of a busy family life (see first sentence).

I plan to make further changes / add additional posts here over the coming weeks.

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Turns out blogging is an effort that takes time, and time (although we all have the same amount of it) is something that I’m not devoting much of to creating content on this site as I once was.

The last year has been busy spent getting to grips with a new work role, continuing to raise a family and denying my slightly larger waistline than existed in the previous twelve months.

I figure my blog is nearly five years old. I don’t want to kill any digital bits or bytes off or consign anything to the cyber dustbin any time soon.

I’d be foolish to post here and say watch out for weekly updates, I’m back! Rather I’d just like to say I never really went away.

My aim now will be to post things here that resonate with me from time to time. They may be items I’ve found online (like the AI item I just posted) or reflections from something in daily life.

When you boil it all down that’s really what blogging was all about from the get go. A way of getting your thoughts down in a publicly digestible digital fashion.

As I conclude this update I realise that despite the effort of sitting and typing ones thoughts down this medium really is a nice way to communicate and engage with interested like souls. I’d almost forgotten that – shame on me.

Thanks for taking the time to read the update.

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Learning algorithm uses Internet

Researchers at Japan’s Tokyo Institute of Technology have updated their SOINN machine learning algorithm so that it can now use the Internet to identify items it’s never encountered before.