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Happy New Year

Happy New Year to you. I know I’ve been quiet as of late but plan to be less ‘off the grid’ this year.

The last six months have been taken up with settlingĀ  in to a new role at work and finding my feet in the new world order.

I’ve enjoyed being active in the GLAM sector as of late by being involved in the marketing and promotion of the recent re-launch of Toitu Otago Settlers Museum. This has been very successful and the number of visitors continues to exceed expectations.

Another week of holidays await but with the list of home renovations planned I’m unsure if I will return to work feeling refreshed or relieved!



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LIANZA Conference 2012

It was a whirlwind visit to Palmerston North not helped by Air NZ flights that broke down and did not run to time.

However when I got to conference things ran smoothly and I felt my presentation was well received by those who attended.

I found it hard to compact everything I wanted to cover in to 20-25 minutes but managed to do so albeit with a bit of a rush.

The trip home was uneventful but long. By the time I got home I had been on the go for sixteen hours and was ready for sleep.


It’s been quite some time since I’ve blogged here so apologies if you have been checking this site to see if anything has changed recently.

Since yesterday I’ve been updating the WordPress CMS that powers the site and realised I needed to post here after my recent hiatus.

Since early July I have been full on in a new role at the Dunedin City Council working across a number of departments as a Marketing Coordinator.

I can now tell you more than you may like to know about many things spanning animal control to water and waste services and all things in between :-)

Throughout all of this I have also been juggling some surgery my youngest daughter needed to have up in Christchurch.

It’s all good, she’s fine and on the mend, but the whole event took a lot of my focus and energy.

The family all shifted north for the best part of a week while she underwent the surgery and then recovered enough to travel back with us to Dunedin.

During all of this time I was also doing my best to write a longer (but yet as concise as I could) paper for the LIANZA Conference 2012 that kicks off today in Palmerston North.

I’ve also been prepping a talk I’ll deliver on Tuesday that should run for 20-25 mins and allow some time for questions and answers thereafter.

To be honest I could talk for an hour about my Paul Reynolds ‘No Numpties’ scholarship trip earlier this year but it’s probably best I’m pinned to a shorter time frame.

Nothing like brevity to focus the mind and distil ones thoughts.

I’m looking forward to seeing my former GLAM colleagues on Tuesday.

If you are attending this years conference I wish you all the best and hope that you get a lot out of the experiences to come.